'Mirror Talks' with Soft Tommy

Mirror Talks with Soft TommyMIRROR TALKS


'Mirror Talks' with Soft Tommy is a review show currently analyzing what makes a drag SUPERSTAR in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7, Drag Race France Season 1 and Canada's Drag Race Season 3.

Soft Tommy takes a unique Star Scoring System to accurately determine the star qualities of the Drag Queens on this season of All Stars. With these stars come a set of criteria & point system as described below. Queens can also earn additional points for earning a Transcendent Star, a Blessing or may lose points for any Curses received. 

          POWER STAR | 5 Points Total | Criteria: Poise, Opulence, Winning, Engagement & Relevance

          SPIRIT STAR | 6 Points Total | Criteria: Soul, Pull, Initiative, Respect, Individuality & Talent

          SHINE STAR | 5 Points Total | Criteria: Star Power, Honor, Imagination, Nature & Execution