Soft Tommy is a 26-year-old Independent Artist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a Singer/Songwriter, Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Host of the review series 'Mirror Talks' (75k+ Views) & viral content creator on TikTok (2M+ Views) making satire videos where he improvised the lives of 12 different original characters. 

Instinctively driven to create since a young age, Soft Tommy has independently led the creative direction & production of 7 short films & mini-series projects alongside an ambitious dip into pop rock music. He enjoys being hands-on in all aspects of his art from concept to writing & filming to post-production. Storytelling, innovation & originality in any medium is his greatest asset. Want to help support Soft Tommy's art? You can donate via PayPal using the button above. 

Soft Tommy strives to add constructive commentary to the current divisive climate of the world. He works to inspire deeper, self-reflective thought & invites you to celebrate the challenges we face as an opportunity to connect. 

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